TD Credit Cards, TD Aeroplan Visa, TD Infinite Visa

TD Credit Card - TD Credit Cards Overview

One of the biggest Canadian banks, Toronto-Dominion offers a selection of credit cards for daily use, from travel and business to low interest, no annual fee, and others.

TD Credit Cards

Toronto-Dominion offers Canadian credit cards to businesses and individual customers. There are MasterCard and Visa cards with drivers and travel bonus points, cash rewards, and other extras. Customers can choose a product based on their payment habits and annual income. Some cards are designed for customers who usually or always pay the full balance while others work well if you only pay the minimum. There are products for customers with an annual income of $12,000 or higher and cards that require a personal income of $60,000 or higher. The bank offers a TD credit card selector to help clients make a choice. Some products are a better choice for clients with a solid credit history while others are designed for newcomers to Canada. Those who are new to Canada are offered secured and unsecured cards, depending on their status (temporary and permanent residents). Temporary residents are offered a range of secured cards while permanent residents can apply for an unsecured one.

A TD Bank credit card offers plenty of benefits, including affordable interest rates, purchasing convenience, low annual fees, and more. If you are looking for the best credit cards Canada based TD branches offer plenty of products, depending on your financial habits, borrowing requirements, and other factors. There are student, secured, low rate, travel, and rewards credit cards with added extras.

When it comes to the best credit card Canada offers plenty of choice, with many big banks featuring products with no foreign transaction fees, comprehensive insurance policies, green banking, and other credit cards

TD Canada Trust Credit Card

The bank offers TD Canada Trust Visa cards and MasterCard cards, including low rate, US dollar cards, and others. US dollar credit cards, for instance, allow holders to make purchases in US dollars and offer benefits such as low annual fees, comprehensive insurance package, and others. The major benefit is that clients avoid conversion rates and fees. There are also cards that offer cash back and go with no annual fees, large credit limits, and no limits on the amount earned.

TD Visa

Toronto-Dominion offers a selection of Visa cards, including low rate, travel, and others. The TD emerald visa, for example, features a low variable rate, low annual fee, car rental discounts, emergency cash advances, and other extras. There are TD visa cards that offer bonus points, cash rebates, and travel benefits. The Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card, for instance, offers a generous welcome bonus and rewards points that can be redeemed for accommodation, airfare, merchandise, and gift certificates. In addition, TD points can be redeemed for entertainment and activities such as spa, theatre tickets, and more. The bank offers TD visa travel cards with excellent rewards programs and incentives, including aeroplan miles, travel and hotel benefits, large credit limits, and others. Some credit cards require a high annual income of $200,000, but cardholders benefit from travel protection, discounts on companion tickets, entertainment and VIP access to special and premium events, including post-show and sound check parties, and more. In addition to these benefits and competitive interest rates Canada based TD customers are offered exclusive access to dining events and top restaurants, concierge service, priority check-in, and other benefits.

TD Aeroplan Visa

The TD aeroplan credit card comes in four versions which are offered to individual and business customers. The Aeroplan Visa Platinum Card is one option that goes with a generous welcome bonus and allows holders to earn points on drugstore purchases, groceries, gas, and other qualifying purchases. Other cards also offer aeroplan rewards, for example, the Aeroplan Visa Business Card and the Aeroplan Visa Platinum Card. The latter is offered to customers with a minimum income of $12,000 and annual household income of at least $35,000. There are other TD travel visa cards that offer exclusive privileges and flight rewards. To offer the best travel credit card Canada based issuers partner with airlines, hotel chains, and other establishments and feature bonus mile offers, discounts, and premium benefits. Aeroplan visa cards are also offered to business customers and go with competitive rates, special offers, monthly management reports, and other benefits.

TD Infinite Visa

TD Infinite Visa allows cardholders to earn rewards points and comes with a complimentary bonus upon signing up. The bank offers generous travel benefits and no expiry or travel blackouts. Secured versions are also available to customers with fair credit. The card goes with extensive travel benefits, including no-free checks, priority pass membership discounts, and others. The TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa is another option for frequent travelers that allows holders to earn 10,000 points on every $1,000 in purchases.